Teen Acne: The best acne face wash

Teen acne, which affects many teenagers, is due to excessive secretion of sebum that clogs pores. It manifests itself mainly by black or white dots, known as comedones. This is not a serious illness, much lesser contagious. His only risk, although small, is to leave a scar. Therefore it is advisable to consult a doctor about whether you need treatment, which will be customized in all cases. Do not forget to take good care of your skin, applying gentle cleansers, moisturizers and products for dry skin. The best acne face wash review can be useful for that purpose.

Acne disrupts the lives of 80% of teenagers during puberty … This is a complaint which we do not really know the origin: it is not known why some people are affected and others not at all, apart from the existence of a hereditary factor.

Why do we have acne?

Under the influence of male hormones or androgens, secreted in greater amounts during puberty, the sebaceous glands of the skin secrete sebum sometimes excessively: skin and hair gets oily. Sometimes this excess sebum cannot be discharged due to blockages in the pores of the skin. This accumulation of sebum in the sebaceous glands causes the formation of microcysts. That is how the white dots or black dots result, known as comedones.

What is acne?

Typically, lesions begin to appear on the forehead and nose. They can then extend over the cheeks, neck, and finally the back and chest. Acne can take various forms and different intensity: often combines an oily skin with large pores and blackheads. In case of inflammation of microcysts, red lesions appear raised in the form of papules. When these microcysts become infected, you can see pustules or nodules, which then contain pus. You can treat it using the best acne face wash or special creams.

What is evolution?

Teen acne develops readily in spurts, with periods of remission. There is often an emphasis in women before the onset of lesions of the rules. Stress is also a factor pushing acne. Acne heals spontaneously after several years of evolution, knowing that it is impossible to determine precisely the age. The only risk of acne is related to the formation of scars. Indeed, sometimes when the buttons disappear, they leave red marks that may cause concern. Do not worry, because in most cases they disappear spontaneously within a few months, and the more quickly you will protect them effectively from the sun with a protective sunscreen. Only scars or embossed may require treatment.

That is not acne!

Teen acne is not contagious: no one can send you acne. Acne is not related to poor hygiene: it also appears on the skins! Acne has nothing to do with food: it was never proven that chocolate or meats favoured the appearance of acne. It is important however, in general, to have a balanced diet. Also, acne is not related to sex: it affects both girls and boys.

There exist natural ways, high quality acne face wash, which can help you to overcome the acne problem. So you should not be discouraged.

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